Zoom Church

Grace Episcopal Church, Windsor, CT

As we navigate this new world we are currently living in due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the way we do things has drastically changed. Going to church is just one example

Now, I will admit that I haven’t been going to church in the last few years. After going every Sunday for 20 years while I was Christian Education Director, I have become one of those people whose face you only see at Christmas time. But even though I haven’t been attending church, that doesn’t mean I’m not still very much involved with my church. I am one of the admins on the church’s Facebook page. I also designed, built and maintain the church’s website. I keep my pledge current, and I keep in touch with my church family via social media or out in the community.

When word came down that churches were to be closed, I knew what a loss this would be for our parish members. The Episcopal Diocese in Connecticut, in fact, directed that churches remain closed until at least May 22nd. Easter services were officially cancelled.  I reached out to Father Chip and asked him if he had considered doing church virtually with the Zoom meeting app. Luckily, Father Chip was familiar with Zoom because he had attended meetings using it. He loved the idea. Two nights later, Grace Church held its first Zoom Compline service.  A Compline service in the Christian faith is an end of the day prayer service. We had 26 attendees that first night! Every night that number has grown. On Sunday mornings we hold Zoom Prayer Service.

Zoom Church!

And our seniors? They jumped right into the technology! For those who don’t have a computer, they can call by telephone and listen.

During this time of isolation, stress and a yearning for human interaction, Zoom church is a great blessing for us all.

Oh. And it got me back to attending church again.

Me attending church



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