#RootsTech: The Countdown begins

In exactly 16 days I will be on a plane to Salt Lake City for my fourth RootsTech conference and my third as an Ambassador. Here is what I’ve been doing to get ready:

Creating a genealogy research list

When you see this icon when researching in Family Search, it means you can only access this record in a Family History Library.

I’m going out a little early to get some time in at the Family History Library. There are some records and books that can only be accessed at the FHL and I want to be prepared for exactly what I’m searching for so that I can be efficient with my time. I’m hoping to break through at least one brick wall while I’m there!

Using the app to plan my conference time

The RootsTech App is awesome.

The RootsTech app is honestly one of the best conference apps I’ve ever used. I’ve picked out my sessions with it. I’ve downloaded some session handouts. I’ve connected my Twitter to it so that I can tweet from right within the app itself. I’ve connected with other attendees via the attendee list. I’ve scoped out some local restaurants. I’ve marked down my “not to be missed” exhibitors. It is exciting to plan it all out. Yet I know I can also do things on a whim if I choose to. 

Downloading things to my iPad

My favorite show. Ever.

Connecticut to Salt Lake City takes about 4 and a half hours if I were to fly directly. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from my airport. With connecting flights it takes about 6 hours to get there. Then factor in a two-hour time difference when you finally get to SLC. It’s a long day. I’ve downloaded a few old movies to watch on the plane (“I Love Melvin” with Donald O’Connor, and “Father of the Bride” with Spencer Tracy). I can’t do any heavy movies when I’m traveling. I need to keep things light. I also downloaded several episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show (because they make me so happy).

Making a packing list

My well loved water bottle and well used power bank.

I don’t need a packing list for my clothes and personal items. I need a packing list for my electronics and daily things I need to bring to the conference, though.  My cords, my power banks, earbuds, flash drives, SD cards, chargers, etc. One of the great things about being an Ambassador is the opportunity to interview some of the keynote speakers. I use my cell phone for that, but having a good mic in a noisy exhibit hall is a must. So I use a mini-shot gun mic or a lavalier mic. Mini-tripods and stabilizers ensure I get the best quality I can. I also bring my business cards to make networking easier. Most importantly, I need to bring my Blogger beads! Wearing your Blogger beads is a point of pride at a conference. It also lets you identify other bloggers at RootsTech. I received mine at my first RootsTech in 2016 from Pat (Dear Myrtle) Richley-Erickson. I also bring a travel size humidifier. Salt Lake City is over 4,200 feet above sea level. The first year I went to SLC, my sinuses, nose and throat all dried out so badly. I was so uncomfortable. The nifty little travel humidifier is great next to my bed at night. 

A fun bonus this year…RootsTech is celebrating its 10th anniversary! I know it is going to be an EPIC conference!




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