Roll of Honor: Windsor Connecticut Veterans Memorial

History and Location

The Veterans Memorial is located at Windsor High School, 50 Sage Park Road in Windsor, Connecticut. It is located inside of the outdoor swimming pool. It was built in 1957.


Center Panel

At the top is an eagle on a perch. Below that the dedication reads:

Dedicated to those of


Who served in the Armed Forces
And in lasting tribute to
Those who gave their lives
In the wars of our nation

Left Panel


Nicholas Antink
H. Carlton Chidsey
Stanley Colody
William B. Cornish
Seth H. Dickinson
Lewis R. Elkey
Howard B. Gray
Zachary Kravoy
Earl H. Paine
Reise M. Pendleton
Aleck Stankewicz
Dominick Strikitis



Arlton C. Hull
Ladd W. Krupa



Eric M. Barnes
Alan R. Bradley
Curtis D. Collette
James A. DeCarlo
M. Thomas Dunn, Jr.
Robert E. Layman, Jr.
Michael R. Locascio
John A. Palm
John B. Woble

Right Panel


Virginio E. Araujo, Jr.
Robert F. Brooks
Clement J. Cain
Allen J. Croswell
Charles F. Cymerys
Ronald W. Daniels
Donald B. Edwards
Ksower B. Federkiewicz
Harvey N. Foster
Joseph E. Goodrich
Theodore S. Ginewsky
Robert F. Hayes
Robert J. Hills
Charles H. Howard, Jr.
Lucien J. Kosiorek
H. Cortlandt Mack
Howard V. Mack
Nicholas Massow
Charles S. Mitchell
James. H. Moore
John D. Murray
Elwood B. Niles
Eugene Nogas
D. Richard M. Osborn
Michael E. Peters
Sylvester J. Peters
George E. Pinney
Edward J. Plunge
John W. Remington
Steve Richick
Ernest J. Sadosky
John H. Schillinger, Jr.
Edward M. Slipkus
Edward H. Stresky
John A. Sturgis
John C. Taylor
Delano E. Williams

The Veteran’s Memorial to the left, within the fencing of the Windsor High School pool.

I am participating in the Honor Roll Project of Heather Wilkinson Rojo – the purpose is to photograph and transcribe Veteran names for family research. Heather’s Blog can be found at Honor Roll Project.

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