Windsor, Connecticut Vietnam Memorial Plaque

History and Location

This Vietnam memorial plaque is located in the entryway of Windsor Town Hall in Windsor, Connecticut. Alexander B. Hooker, parishioner of Grace Episcopal Church and past President of the Windsor Historical Society, carved this plaque to honor Windsor lives lost during the Vietnam War.  The plaque was unveiled on October 7, 1968.

Windsor Town Hall, Windsor, Connecticut. Photo credit:,_Windsor_CT.jpg




In Memory of the

Patriots of Windsor

Who gave their lives in the

Vietnam Conflict


Listed Names

Curtis D. Collette
Eric M. Barnes
John B. Woble
M. Thomas Dunn, Jr.
Alan R. Bradley
John A. Palm
Robert E. Layman, Jr.
Michael R. Locascio
James A. DeCarlo


I am participating in the Honor Roll Project of Heather Wilkinson Rojo – the purpose is to photograph and transcribe Veteran names for family research. Heather’s Blog can be found at Honor Roll Project.

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