Windsor Connecticut – National Service Honor Roll of Grace Church

History and Location

This Honor Roll was created to honor the members of Grace Episcopal Church in Windsor, Connecticut, who had served in World War I as well as those who were presently enrolled in the National Service.    This hand-written roll was created sometime after 1917. It began in alphabetical order, but at the bottom names were added as the war went on.

The starred names are those who died during World War I. Those men were Howard Burdette Gray and Willard Griswold Barnum. The document is on display inside the Great Hall of Grace Episcopal Church at 311 Broad Street in Windsor, Connecticut.



Honor Roll of Grace Church

In the National Service

First Column

Samuel Barber
William Barber
W. Albert Becker
Charles J. Becker
Harold P. Bill
Walter B. Bryant
Frank L. Duncan
Noel B. Easton
Elmer L. Elliott
Robert C. Gray
*Howard B. Gray
John E. Grimshaw
Howard P. Halsey
C. Jarvis Harriman
Leslie W. Hodder
T. Phelps Hollister
Crompton T. Johnson
Kenneth C. Johnson
C. Nancy Maude
Miriam M. Maude
Dana W. Medling
Henry B. Safford
Melville L. Waterhouse
*Willard G. Barnum
G. DeWitt Burnham

Second Column

Theodore F. Neuhaus
Henry B. Niles
George E. Niles
Harry G. Osborne
Paul S. Parsons
F. Victor Peterson
Russell H. Rand
Mortimer V. Rand
Philip Remington
Elbert A. Searle
James W. J. Shepard
Sherrill B. Smith
Frank G. Snelgrove
E. Ralph Snelgrove
Elmer H. Steele
Frederick W. Stone
William H. Swan
Harry A. Warmsley
H. Tudor White
George H. Williams, Jr.
Francis S. Harvey
Edwin G. Down
Norman Grimshaw
Arthur N. Matthews
James A. Nichols


I am participating in the Honor Roll Project of Heather Wilkinson Rojo – the purpose is to photograph and transcribe Veteran names for family research. Heather’s Blog can be found at Honor Roll Project.

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