My Tuesday at RootsTech

I hit a wall around 7pm Tuesday while Amy Johnson Crow and I were comparing cat photos on our phone.

I had been up since 4:30am Eastern time. I travelled roughly 2,200 miles. I had a full day of check in and then the media dinner. All so fun and exciting.

But now my body and my brain were calling it a night. Tomorrow would be a fresh start, with a good night sleep. If you don’t follow me on Twitter (and why don’t you? you missed my Tuesday recap. You can watch it here.

DISCLAIMER: I am a RootsTech2018 Ambassador. One of my responsibilities as an Ambassador is to promote the RootsTech 2018 conference before, during and after. In return for promotion, I have received a free pass to the RootsTech2018 conference. Airfare, accommodations and other expenses are not compensated. I’ll be recounting in this blog my experience before, during and after the conference.




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