Jeanette and Merah : A Photo Story

#RootsTech is running a Photo Story Competition and I feel like I could fill up my blog with past and present photos. I’ll be sharing more, but here is one.

My grandmother, Jeanette, always compared herself to her older sister, Merah. She wrote in her journal, “Merah was small and dainty and I was chubby and plain looking. Mother used to dress us up alike and some thought we were twins. But Merah was stylish and pretty like our mother.”

When I look at this photo I see two sisters. Their closeness and love for each other is obvious. That’s my grandmother on the left, and I think she is so beautiful.

What are some of your photo stories? I’d love to hear them.


DISCLAIMER: I am a RootsTech2018 ambassador. One of my responsibilities as an ambassador is to promote the RootsTech 2018 conference before, during and after. I’ll be recounting my process in preparing to attend the conference.

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