Letting the cat out of the bag

So what’s with a cat title for a blog on family history? Cats and genealogy. A natural pairing, I’m sure you’ll agree. Ok, so not in the conventional sense of the term. But for me, I’ve had cats my entire 50 years of life. So when I think of my own personal history…I have to talk cats. They were/are an important part of my family tree.

I just came back from the Jamboree genealogy conference in California. I’m actually on a layover in Philadelphia waiting for my flight home as I type this. While I was at the conference I kept meeting geneabloggers. Many of whom I’ve read regularly. I told them I had always wanted to start a blog, but didn’t know how to begin. I didn’t know how interesting it would be to anyone. I didn’t know if anyone would even want to read it.

“Write for yourself. If no one else reads it then you have left a digital diary for your children, ” was the answer I kept getting.

I have stories that I want to share with my children in a different format than a family history book with hundreds of ancestors they may or may not care about. There will be cat stories, of course. I think this may be a good forum to do that. Some stories may surprise them. That’s why I titled this post Letting the cat out of the bag.

Let’s see how this goes. Let’s see if I can pull different stories together from my fragmented mind. Those memories can be difficult for me to piece together sometimes.

Kind of like herding cats.

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