Fearless Community Media Executive Director by day.
Hopeless genealogy nerd by night.

When Jenny was 15 years old and visiting her grandparents in Beavercreek, Ohio, her grandfather handed her a photo and said, “This is my mother, Lillian.”

They spent the rest of the afternoon pouring through old photo albums together and for the first time, Jenny realized that the other people who came before her were actual people…not just names on a piece of paper.

After almost 35 years of gathering stories about dead people,  Jenny began this blog to start documenting stories of her OWN life, mixed in with the ancestors.

When she is not doing genealogy, Jenny is the Executive Director of Windsor Community Television in Windsor, Connecticut.

Some of the societies I belong to:

Essex Society of Genealogists
Abigail Wolcott Ellsworth Chapter DAR
Windsor Historical Society
New England Historic Genealogical Society

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