The RootsTech App: A love affair

Last night I woke up in a panic because I realized I hadn’t made my flight reservations for #RootsTech yet. If you know me, you know this is not typical of me to be disorganized. I’m a list girl. I’m a planning ahead girl.

I’m juggling a lot in my life right now and for whatever reason, this task just slipped through the cracks. This year I’m attending 4 large conferences: RootsTech, NERGC, Jamboree and FGS. I’m not a speaker, but I’m involved with all of them in some official capacity. And I love that fact, by the way.

So when I woke up this morning I made my daily list.  It included putting together my RootsTech class schedule and making my flight plans (and hopefully still getting a good rate).

Have I mentioned I am completely in love with the RootsTech app? It has everything I need to navigate around the RootsTech conference. I spent some time this morning with my love.

Week at a Glance:

I don’t remember this feature from last year, but it is actually really helpful to see how the week is mapped out officially.  I remember seeing these same signs throughout the Salt Lake Palace because I was always checking them out to remind myself, but I didn’t remember it being a part of the app last year. Whether it was or wasn’t, I’m happy to have it.


I love to begin the planning of my schedule by searching for some of my favorite speakers first and seeing what classes they are teaching.  When you click on the speaker, you get a photo, a brief biography and the classes they are teaching. You can add them right to your schedule from there. Then I go back and fill in the times with classes based on the day, time and description under Conference Schedule.  Do I “double” book? Absolutely. It’s good to have a few choices.

Social Media:

I connected my Twitter account to this last year and I used it ALL the time during RootsTech. It was so easy to have all things #RootsTech in one spot. It’s really fun to see immediately what other people are tweeting about at RootsTech and to respond right away right within the app. You can connect your Facebook as well, but  I don’t happen to use my Facebook for genealogy. I keep my genie world mostly on Twitter.

Roots Crew:

This is definitely new! From here you can message the RootsTech crew with almost any issue you have. Questions, comments, concerns are what they are all about. Where is this classroom located? Where can I get a bottle of water? Break a shoelace? They will bring you one. Seriously. I had to look that last one up because I didn’t really believe it. But it is true. I love this new addition.

So by the end of my morning, I had finished putting together my RootsTech schedule and reacquainted myself with the app. I absolutely consider it a vital part of my RootsTech experience.

And what about my flight? I found a great flight out and back and was able to use my frequent flyer miles to pay for them. The best part? I was also able to upgrade to first class on the way out. Score!

DISCLAIMER: I am a RootsTech 2019 conference Ambassador. One of my responsibilities as an Ambassador is to promote the RootsTech 2019 conference before, during and after. In return for promotion, I receive a free pass to the RootsTech 2019 conference. My airfare, accommodations and other expenses are not compensated.


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