Eternal optimist Scott Hamilton charms #RootsTech audience

When you’ve faced life threatening times, you don’t sweat the small stuff.

“I always joke with people…you know you’ve truly survived cancer when you get mad in traffic. Because of course, then you are back to sweating the small stuff. ” keynote speaker, Scott Hamilton told us as we interviewed him at RootsTech 2018.

When Scott speaks, you can’t help but feel inspired. He says his biggest fear isn’t the cancer he fights, but of being pulled away from who is he and who he is meant to be as a person.  He is the personification of “the glass is half full” mentality and right along with his optimism his gratitude for what life has brought him is front and center.

I enjoyed meeting and interviewing Scott more than anyone I’ve ever met. For two reasons. First, he looks directly at you when he answers your questions. He takes his time. He doesn’t give you a soundbite…he give you an answer. Secondly, his giggles. Not a laugh. But a boyish giggle that makes you step back and look at him and hear him when he says that each morning he prays that he can be “light.” I loved that. He lives that. It shows.

Enjoy this 14 minute interview we did with Olympic champion, author, motivational speaker, husband and dad…Scott Hamilton


DISCLAIMER: I was a RootsTech2018 conference Ambassador. One of my responsibilities as an Ambassador was to promote the RootsTech 2018 conference before, during and after. In return for promotion, I received a free pass to the RootsTech2018 conference. Airfare, accommodations and other expenses were not compensated. 

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