Mom’s wedding china. 1950

What exactly constitutes an heirloom? I have  my grandmother’s beautiful art-deco engagement ring I was entrusted with because I was named for her.  I wear it every day.

I also have my paternal great-grandmother’s wedding band that was handed down to me. Her fingers were so small and thin I can’t even get it onto my pinky finger, which makes me feel rather chubby, thank you very much Great Grandmother Lillian.

I have old table linens from my Dad’s side of the family like hand embroidered doilies with the letter “C”  for Comp on it. I’m not sure which of the Comp women made them, but they are lovely.

I have crystal that belonged to my maternal grandmother, Jenny.  We have pieces of my mother’s wedding china from 1950. All of these things are incredibly important and sentimental to me and I hope all of these items will stay in our family through generations.

Mom’s costume jewelry

But, I’ll tell you what I’m finding the most precious of heirlooms. My mother’s costume jewelry. There is a LOT of it.  Mom just passed away two months ago, so it makes sense that I’m feeling nostalgic about it. But when I look at it, I think of Mom.

Mom loved her jewelry. The bigger, the gaudier…the better. Glitz, bangles, holiday themed, bold colors…she wore it all. These items make me smile.

I treasure her costume jewelry just as much as any of the other heirlooms we have in the family.

 I have joined an online challenge by Amy Johnson Crow to write about 52 ancestors in 52 weeks. I’m a few weeks behind. I’m writing about the prompt “Heirloom.” You can join any time and find all the details here: 

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  1. What a lovely post–and I agree, the emotional value of heirlooms is what we treasure. I absolutely love my mom’s costume jewelry and when I wear it, I know she’s with me, even though she passed more than 30 years ago.

  2. Jenny

    I love hearing that, Marian. We were so surprised at the amount of costume jewelry but when we looked closely we all had a story about certain pieces. What a blessing to have these items that keeps Mom with us.

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