Favorite Photo Challenge – #52Ancestors

Week 2 Challenge: Favorite Photo
Robert L. Horner, 1927

I haven’t looked at photos of my Dad in a very long time.

But as I was looking for a photo for this challenge that really stood out as my favorite, this one came front and center.

This is my Dad. It was 1927. He was 3 years old. Leave it to my grandmother to dress him in this ridiculous outfit.

But that was Grammy. She was very highbrow. And she wanted her children to be perceived as “well brought up.” She and Granddad were lucky enough that they were comfortable in these early years of their marriage. Granddad was an electrical engineer. He made good money. They lived in Brooklyn, New York. Dad was their youngest of two. He had an older sister, Gracelyn. Life was good.

Shortly after this, my grandparents would move the family to Windsor, Connecticut, where Dad spent many happy years as a child. Many years later after living in Massachusetts and other parts of Connecticut, Dad brought his wife and family back to his roots in Windsor, Connecticut…a place he always called home.

I love this image of him. The innocence. The curiosity of it (what WAS he pointing at?) The frivolity of his clothes. He was a good boy, just doing what his mother wanted him to do. And he didn’t seem to mind at all. That was Dad. A gentle soul who just went with the flow.

 I have joined an online challenge by Amy Johnson Crow to write about 52 ancestors in 52 weeks. I’m a week behind already, but I guess better late than never. You can join any time and find all the details here: 

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