My Favorite Christmas Presents: Dawn Dolls

If you were a little girl growing up in the 1970’s, chances are very high that you played with a Dawn doll. I found this *photo on Pinterest and was wacked up-side the head with nostalgia. I hadn’t thought about Dawn and her friends in a very long time. I had Dawn (far left) and Angie (far right).

These weren’t Barbie sized. They were only 6 inches tall with beautiful silky hair and the most fabulous 1970’s clothes you could imagine.

And the case! Let me tell you about that groovy case. I had one of these exact cases. Little did I know it would be such a collector’s item now. You can find original Dawns and cases all over Ebay. The case had enough room for six dolls. There was a little compartment that looked like a closet and it had tiny, adorable hangers to hang up Dawn’s beautiful fashions and a place for shoes. And boots. Look at those go-go boots. Dawn wore stockings and tights, too, but I recall those never fitting quite right. Bare legged was a better look for Dawn. Then there were little necklaces, pocketbooks, and even teeny-tiny hair brushes. I can’t tell you how many tiny shoes and hair brushes were probably sucked up into my mother’s vacuum cleaner.

I loved my Barbies as I got older But at age 5 and 6…Dawn was my preferred doll of choice.  Look at her dancing with her friends on that case.  Dawn was just downright cool. She was like a mini-Marcia Brady. I played for hours with her and Angie. I will admit, I never liked Angie quite as much. Angie played the mean friend in most of our scenarios. Sorry Angie. Nothing personal.

Dawn’s small size appealed to me more than Barbie because they were small enough to be portable. I could pack up the whole crew and their outfits in one easy case.  Being the youngest, my mother took me on every errand imaginable. . The worst errand to have to go on with Mom? Clothes shopping. It was torture. But on those occasions of going to Sage Allen store while my mother shopped for clothes for herself, I would open my Dawn case and play away.  I would have been bored out of my mind without Dawn.

*Photo used with permission

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