A Big Change : A Photo Story

#RootsTech is running a Photo Story Competition and I feel like I could fill up my blog with past and present photos. Here is the latest.

This grainy, creased photo could tell a hundred stories. It was 1978. My brother Rick had finally gotten his life together and joined the Air Force. He was stationed in New Jersey and drove up to our new condo in Connecticut to visit. He was loving his life. I had just turned 13. My mother was divorced and struggling financially. She sold the house and moved with my sister and I to the next town over from where I had grown up.  I was awkward and chubby in this photo. I was also keeping a secret. Every day that I went to my new school, I was relentlessly bullied. It would last for 2 long years. When I would get home, I would put on my Shaun Cassidy shirt and spend hours in my room listening to his music just to forget it all.  My mother had no idea I was being bullied. She was just trying to get her life back to normal.  When I look at this photo I see what a long way I’ve come and what a happy person I am now. I tell my kids, “Tomorrow is new day.” I’m glad I believed that then…and now.

What’s your #RootsTechPhotoStory? Enter to win. Deadline is December 29, 2017


DISCLAIMER: I am a RootsTech2018 ambassador. One of my responsibilities as an ambassador is to promote the RootsTech 2018 conference before, during and after. I’ll be recounting my process in preparing to attend the conference.

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